Gecko Home Cinema

Gecko home cinema systems provide a far higher level of home theatre performance than any similarly priced alternatives. You’ll hear an immediate and dramatic difference between our systems and any alternatives that makes listening to film, music and TV far more compelling and fun.

As the UK’s most experienced designer of home theatres, our expertise in system design and room preparation is unparalleled. These skills combined with the industry’s most expert – and unbiased – product selection process have maintained Gecko as the first choice of music and film professionals for over 25 years.

Most people spend 3 or 4 hours a day in front of the home theatres we design. As such a significant purchase, we think you’d be crazy to invest in any system before a thorough audition.

To be certain you are spending your money wisely and that the system you are about to buy will bring years of pleasure, please take the time to visit our unique private showroom. It’s the only place in the UK where you can experience such remarkable sound and vision.

Home Theatre, More Than a Cinema?

Any home theatre should sound impressive playing Hollywood Blockbusters. Reproducing the sound of a cinema isn’t that ambitious and we believe you should expect much more from an expensive audio system.

The real test of any quality home theatre is how well it reproduces TV and music as well as film. A system that can faithfully reproduce all types of content will be far more accurate than most home cinemas.

This added fidelity will ensure your films sound crystal clear and that you will also enjoy your music and TV at its very best.

Too Busy For a Visit?

If you really can’t make time for a visit, this recent review of 12 of the best home cinema is an essential read. The writer is a very discerning listener with over 15 years’ experience of owning a variety of top quality home cinemas.

As a property developer spending his own money on a variety of home cinemas for his different projects, his research makes fascinating reading and highlights how cost is simply no indication of quality: read the reviews

Don’t Trust Reviews? – Book a Home Trial

Expert, unbiased reviews of home theatre systems is virtually impossible to find. We believe the only reliable way to choose a system is by trusting your own eyes and ears to guide you.

Before you commit to any system, let us demonstrate the exceptional performance of Steinway Lyngdorfs home cinemas in the comfort of your own home.

Anyone will hear a dramatic difference between Steinway Lyngdorfs system and any alternatives – regardless of price. As the world’s only all-digital home audio systems with a unique, holistic approach to system design, no other combination of components can so perfectly reproduce music and film.

Steinway Lyngdorf, In A Class of its Own

Steinway & Sons, makers of the finest musical instruments have collaborated with Lyngdorf audio, to produce the worlds most advanced music and home cinema systems.

They are the only audio systems capable of perfectly reproducing music and film and that we can recommend to musicians, audio professionals and those truly familiar with the sound of live music.

Steinway Lyngdorf most popular systems use tiny speakers and yet provide far higher levels of both power and fidelity than any alternatives.

They are also unique is requiring no unsightly room treatment to get the very best results. This means you can enjoy truly life like music and film with no acoustic wall treatments to spoil the appearance of your room.

The World’s Finest Music Systems

For years reproducing the quality of live music has been the music lovers dream. This video shows a presentation of the composer and musician, Anders Trentemollers of his latest album to a group of invited guests.

Trentemoller himself heard details in his own composition that had previously been masked by the recording studios audio system. Steinway Lyngdorf music systems are the only audio systems capable of this precision and fidelity.